29 July 2010

Gent again

Pics by Neal Gowan

I think he's coming home soon, but Neal's still at it. He's sent a few more pics of the Genste Feesten (Gent Festival), a music and arts festival in Gent, Belgium that runs for 10 days, July 17-26. Everything from classical, jazz, world, rock to hip-hop along with drama, dance, street theatre, puppetry and more. A number of the main stages are set up in the central city square underneath the Belfry and churches: very atmospheric. The sun sets around 10.30pm here the main acts often go to 3am. Apart from the stages here are many buskers plying their trade on the streets. The largest group was 30 musicians from the Netherlands Stroat Ensemble jazz band. The first jazz group here was the Bram Weijters Trio with Nicolas Rombouts, bass, and Steven Cassiers, drums, along with Angela Morris playing sax. The group got together at Antwerp Con.
  • Genste Feesten website
  • Stroat Ensemble
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