01 April 2019


The Smiths Sunday Afternoon jam session is a hoot. I don't get to enough sessions, but I got to one today and I was impressed (if not with my playing!). Plenty of musos; a willing although relaxed and easy-going audience; plenty of support for newbies or visitors. We hear of the jamming tradition as inherently competitive. Perhaps it still is in NYC but this felt much more cummunity-minded. Not that there's a lack of pride in a tunes well blowed. There is, and there were a several players who seriously impressed. But all were welcome. Interestingly, the best and the worst were applauded. Only natural, I think. A worthy session that's weekly and rocking. And accepting of charts.

The Smiths jazz jam session is held every Sunday 1-4.30pm. Sit-ins welcomed and free entry for all.

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