22 October 2019

Down and dirty

You can feel like a star at the Canberra Blues Society jams. There's a decent hall with audience; a backline (the amps that are provided) with big names and impressive specs; a fog machine in the corner and lights and introductions and a big PA. I'd enjoyed this amp before, but this time I couldn't get it up to speed and was struggling to hear myself. Maybe it was my last minute choice of a fretless I have at home, but I don't think so. Its plain old EMG pups should be OK. We opened with Red House in B (B? Is a guitar tuned down?). So I was fighting with a few things but it was still fun. Evil ways in Amin was more straightforward and more room for a groove. I think that's all we managed, this being the last band for the afternoon and the time being tight. And not that I knew anyone much before going on stage. The bands were decent and a few impressive players passed through the stage during the afternoon. And there were people dancing (this occasionally happens for my jazz gigs and never for the classical gigs, of course). And there's beer on tap and you can choose German, this being the Harmonie German Club. Even if I'm off the grog for the week. Ah, it's a strange world but fun. And loud.

The Canberra Blues Society ran another of its monthly Sunday blues jams.

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