28 October 2019


The ANU School of Music staged a composition showcase over the weekend, as one of several sessions for performers. I fluked one neat session, arriving as they were setting and warming up. There were other sessions, interactive sound art, various individual performances, the Laptop Ensemble. I caught 11 short compositions, mostly by groups including the composer, but some by others. The range of styles and approaches was significant. There was simple, harmonised lyricism, influences from rockets to personal loss, standard notation and two works of graphic notation, classical and electric instruments, and even one constructed for the purpose (a surprisingly effective set of rattles), classical and film/pop and jazz/rock. Perhaps some amplified music was too loud for the small, reverbernnt room. Some tunes were early and simple although pretty and others far more developed, investigative. So a worthy outing and an exposure to the range of musics now at the School. It bodes well for a renewed community.

The ANU School of Music conducted various student showcases at the Ainslie Arts Centre.

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