07 October 2019


Ah, things start to go back to normal. This was my first gig after returning from Europe. Tilt played at Pialligo Estate for a private function. I was working through my bass that sounds great after recent work but feels distinctly different. James couldn't make it but old mate Ross Buchanan filled in and it went a treat. A few people came up in the last break to thank us. That's nice. Musicians? Yes, conductor. Conduct what orchestra? London Phil. London Philharmonic Orchestra?!? Yes ... and various other Euro orchestras. And you play too? Yes, flute, and involved with management of Sydney Youth Orch. This was Matthew Wood and Roslyn Perry, now in Sydney after some time in Europe and a cousin of the celebrating family. Lovely couple with serious skills. So the last set of a long night was a little more testing, being the last of a four hour gig and playing for such illustrious guests, but not for anything Matthew and Roslyn said or did. They were great listeners and eminently supportive of fellow musos. A pleasure to play for them and host Mycaila and her very lovely extended family. And to play it with Ross.

Tilt Trio were Ross Buchanan (piano), Dave McDade (drums) and Eric Pozza (bass) and our muso guests were Matthew Wood (conductor) and Roslyn Perry (flute).

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