31 January 2021


I’m in Adelaide and it’s a family week and one event was the book launch by first cousin, Lara.  I’d missed her last two book launches although I had her products on my shelves.  Lara writes as one aspect of her little business of yoga, self-help and more called In The Pink.  The three books have been on grief, although from chatting to Lara you’d never guess it.  She’s a bright spark and witty presence.  The first two books were on lost loves and lost parents; this last is on lost pets/dogs.  Now Lara is a great dog lover.  I am too.  We no longer share breeds, but dog lovers are common and remain that way for life.  They are lovely people, greatly informed by their animals, and open to any others dog lovers, especially those who share their breed.  Megan and I have travelled the world with cries of “Dachy alert” with subsequent pats and meetings with dachshund owners wherever.  Travel hint: people love you if you show interest in their dog/s.  But most must know that.  So, otherwise, this was a lively event, well lubricated, chatty and noisy with family-met-too-seldom and Lara’s string of friends.  Even George Clooney, although only present somewhat in absentia.  Given the passions of dog lovers and some early sales, this might be Lara’s breakthrough.  Get a Kindle copy or otherwise chase down Lara Casanova on FB or in an Adelaide bookshop.

Loss love and lessons : healing pet loss and grief / Lara Casanova was launched by Lara and various sisters and rellies and friends at the Maid and Magpie Hotel, Adelaide.

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Whispering Gums said...

Totally agree with you about doglovers Eric. I love to watch dogs, and dogs and their owners. (Unforutnately i fear there will be no more dogs in my life as I have become increasingly allergic to them over the years to the point that now pretty much every dog I touch setts off intense itching in my hands. To say I'm devastated is an understatement. What dog lover, running into a person with a dog doesn't immediately want to pat said dog? I feel such a fraud when I say, "I love dogs" and then not touch the dog.

Hope you are having (or had) a great time in Adelaide.