24 January 2021

On the street

It was pretty formal and family and dance-school oriented but it was fun.  I took to Civic on a hot day to visit the Canberra Street Dance Festival.  There was competitive (but very friendly) street dance routines, some rap singing, some too bassy hiphop music (~100bpm), a few street artists and the like.  It was approved so there were Covid checkins.  And it was fun.  A few really young kids got up for a quick lesson and appearance.  Plenty of parental and family and friend supporters whooped for their mates.  A few big numbers had a dozen or so on stage for demos of choreographic works.  There were plenty of smiles and not at all the edgy, intimidating thing of movies and myth.  And on the way out, I chatted to Kurt, steadily developing a mural in a local lane.  All approved and even supported by government.  How forward thinking are we! But great fun and no doubt great exercise, all this popping and locking and krumping and all.

The Canberra Street Dance Festival was in Garema Place and Kurt was painting a mural nearby.

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