06 July 2021

A view from the bottom end

NCO is rehearsing Brahms German Requiem.  It's a great work and I have a history with it, chasing rather than playing it.  Now I get to play it.  Maybe.  The story is that we should perform it with the Canberra Choral Society at Llewellyn on 24 July 3pm.  That's 150 people on stage.  How I love these choral outings at Llewellyn.  An absolute blast and a great pleasure.  But Lenny, our conductor, and our two solo singers are in Sydney, and given COVID and a string of recent cancellations (incl. Mike Nock and Brendan Keller-Tuberg), it's up in the air.  We can just hope.  In the meantime, here's a pic from rehearsal as seen from the bottom end.

National Capital Orchestra and Canberra Choral Society may perform Brahms German Requiem at Llewellyn at 3pm, 24 July.

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