11 November 2021

Picking dates

I like to choose a release date with some significance.  The first were trivial: New Years Day and Easter Sunday.  I also got a family birthday in there, and I just missed the anniversary of the start of the Occupy Wall Street.  My latest album is a playful pomo classical outing, again by The Pots (appearing as The Potsherds), called Play midi for me.  It's a mix of midi instruments and samples and classical and pop and jazz.  A bit of fun, really, and a change from my political and climate rants.  And the release date is 11 Nov, the date of ... the hanging of Ned Kelly.  I thought that fitted my purposes, although I could have chosen some other event that occurred on this date.  Not to demean that event, especially not the deaths of so many Australians (or then British citizens?) and others in someone else's war.  After all, there has been some change.  We now go to wars for a different country.  But, remember, this is an album with no rants.  Have a listen to Track 1 Pergolesi if nothing else.  Fun to create and hopefully fun to hear.

Play midi for me / The Pots (appearing as the Potsherds) is the fifth album by The Pots. Have a listen on these or other streaming sites:

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