10 November 2021


It's not just work from home with Covid, but also concert from home.  The Net is an embarrassment of riches.  Nothing new there and it's great to hear the locals, but the world is also waiting.  Streams, live, historical, etc.  I've been taken in recent days by an wonderful concert with Jack Dejohnette, Pat Metheny, Herbie Hancock and Dave Holland from 1990.  Wow!  Then I stumbled on Dan Tepfer doing one of his online duets this morning.  I just heard the end, a few tunes, one free improv.  Just stunning.  We've seen him here, at Smiths, at the Fitters Workshop, even at Mt Stromlo, for the mostly-classical Canberra International Music Festival.  He has an advanced degree in astrophysics, as I remember, so a mind for the tech, too.  The advanced astronomy students I've known have all been capable coders.  He's been working to make online group playing easier, with JackTrip and Farplay.  This is a seriously interesting musician.  Serious in that admirable NYC way.  Wow, what magic is this?  And for the musos, check out JackTrip and Farplay.

Dan Tepfer (piano) performed a livestream duet with Hermon Mehari (trumpet).


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