02 November 2021

Delta IV

Tonight's selections are from the Old Canberra Inn.  Kim Yang first up, singer-songwriter playing live but with some background harmonies (maybe digital but I don't think so).  The guitar is strums.  The voice has echoes of Joni Mitchell, a great hero of mine and many.  First up, Fantasy, then Brave, themed good to be brave, but also OK to say no to people at times.  As her FB page says, balanced "delicately between vulnerability and power".  Sounds about right.  Then Moondog.  Ah, the blues!  Dirty guitar, 12-bars, moving beats, blues harp, percussion under every foot, dense reverb.  "I love the way you walk / I love the way you talk / got my eyes on you" ... "Early in the morning / can't remember one thing that I said / [but] got my eyes on you"  Great stuff.  Love it.  Takes me back to the Blues Club ... and, of course, the OCI over various incarnations.  And that slow blues "I'm a moondog, baby, can't you hear me when I howl /[rpt] / I can't wait any longer baby, I've got to have your love right now".  Is " vulnerability and power" the theme of the night?  If so these are two very difference expressions of it!

Kim Yang (vocals, guitar) and Moondog (vocals, guitar, blues harp, percussion) streamed for MusicACT's Delta sessions.

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