26 May 2022

For bass nerds only

Tilt played again at Molly and it was a great gig.  But the most important change for me, and for the band, was a return to my digital amp.  Now that's a nerdy thing, so no need to read further.  I've recently been using a hefty rocky amp (Eden Nemesis) that's heavy in weight too and have for yonks used a small preamp (Fishman) but the combination's not been right, even if it's been powerful.  So I returned to my digital amp (EA iAmp Doubler) with no preamp and settings pretty flat and it worked.  Strange that, but it requires one observation.  It worked well enough for solos, but best in ensemble.  I was using the acoustic bass pickup input with pretty flat (but preset) EQ.  Alone it sounds sharp, somewhat without body, I thought, but in ensemble it cut through, clear and present.  I'd had various suggestions for new amps (Barney's, James' were suggested) but I knew my gear was of that quality.  The question was settings and I could have just used the basics.  And it's so much lighter to lug and easier set up.  Unexpected but a nice find.  BTW, my box is Bergantino 1x12 and my pickup Underwood.

Tilt played at Molly.

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