05 May 2022

And basketball

Today at Wesley, another student, this time Year 10, again a student of Jinbo Huang and a competition winner and wonderful pianist and with an entertaining and varied program.  Damien Ruan played a solid hour of solo piano: sonatas from Haydn and Scarlatti, themes from Grieg and Debussy and a crowd favourite from Chopin, his Military waltz op.40 no.1.  There was a lot of melody here, lots of open handed chords, hands over, fast and furious but also those killer tunes, so the program was a great pleasure.  The Grieg was his Wedding Day at Trolhaugen, instantly recognised like the Chopin.  And he played it all with skill and aplomb.  And he plays trombone in local concert bands ... and basketball and Taekwondo.  Kids with talent.  I admire their seriousness but also their easy-going commitment.  A blast; thanks Damien.

Damien Ruan (piano) played at Wesley.

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