30 May 2022

Expected ferocities

What a night!  I topped off Changi with Brahms, Vivaldi and Tchaikovsky at Llewellyn.  The ANU Orchestra was playing a free concert I got to hear most of it.  I missed some Beethoven, came in towards the end of Brahms symphony 2 mvt.1, then a chamber orchestra playing Vivaldi concerto for 2 cellos Gmin then an end on Tchaikovsky symphony 4 mvt.3,4.  Nice to drop in on.  Some really satisfying bass from 3 bassists and a pretty satisfying performance overall.  I enjoyed the Brahms, having played it numerous times in rehearsal and knowing it reasonably well.  I was discussing with  fellow players afterwards how fabulous is the knowledge of a work after working it up for performance.  The Vivaldi was lively and lovely.  But the Tchaiks was the star, one movement a mammoth outing of pizz, quick playful.  Then into the ferocious final movement.  You could only leave on a high and we did.  Everyone was starry-eyed in the foyer after, all smiles and jokes.  The conductor of it all was Max McBride.  Great job done not just on the bassists!  What fun and what an opportune pairing in one evening.

Max McBride (conductor) led the ANU Orchestra at Llewellyn Hall.

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