02 April 2017

Big city burn

We were down to Sydney for other matters but I fit in a visit to Venue 505, no knowing who was playing. And what a lovely surprise. A few sets of some terrific jazz with some of the best of the locals. Warwick Alder was just stunning on the most fluent of jazz trumpets. Relaxed, lightly toughed and hugely flight-of-foot. Danny Carmichael joined in for a few tunes late in the night and Warwick just upped the level. Not that Danny was weak: very different, firm toned, clear tonal and atonal lines. Greg Coffin was on piano which I could hear clearly up close for some pics but less well further back where some chair were free. Cameron Undy was stunningly fleet over the extent of the bass neck, moving freely and very easily well into thumb positions. Clearly intentioned in solos, hugely quick, fabulously well spoken in support. I guess pentatonics and much more, but never an uncomfortable note and some very fast solo and walk lines. James Waples was on drums, distinctively open and mobile on the kit and free from a stock swing take. I was in awe, the music was beautifully played, the door was free and there was a constant movement. Not quiet, so not so easy to listen with intent, but lively. I missed some subtleties, mostly on piano which didn't cut through at my location, but a great city burn none-the-less. Much enjoyed.

Cameron Undy (bass) led a quartet with Warwick Alder (trumpet), Greg Coffin (piano) and James Waples (drums) at Bar 505 in Sydney. Danny Carmichael (trumpet) sat in late in the night.

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