16 April 2017


It was pot luck to catch up with Daniel Hunter and Victor Rufus playing at the Fyshwick market when I dropped in to shop on Easter Saturday. Especially good luck as they are both about to go overseas. In a stroke of happenstance, they both leave on Tuesday. Daniel's going back to Paris where he's resided for a decade; Victor's off to NYC for a several months. I joked I'd see him on the SmallsLive video feed sometime. (It happens: I recently saw a bassist I met in New Orleans on the Smalls feed). Their playing was a huge pleasure. I sat to listen to a few standards and a Daniel original. Such interesting guitar playing, sharing lead or comping or sometimes soloing together. Daniel the quicker and less distorted; Victor the dirtier and bluesier-edged; both finger picking for comps. Different but a pleasure together. I quipped we were losing all our guitarists on one day. Not quite (there are a few others...). It's a background gig and most just go about their shopping, but a cappuccio on such a nice day with such capable music is a great pleasure.

Daniel Hunter and Victor Rufus (guitars) played at the Fyshwick Market.

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