02 August 2017

Much ado 2

I've played jazz for yonks and now classical and I'm amused to find a similar joy and comradeship in both fields. They have lots in common: application to a demanding artform; commitment of significant time, often for little financial reward; inner satisfaction, especially when you play well, or the performers click; shared goals for those who play in ensembles. Of course, they have their differences - reading and interpretation on one side; improv and groove on the other - but they also overlap. I'm finding some technical aspects of my jazz playing benefitting from classical, but finding less time for improv and some jazz-specific matters. But to the matter in hand: a Maruki afternoon playing session. Not a formal practice, but a get together with some chamber charts to sight-read with food and drinks and socialising on the side. I sat out for some that didn't have a bass part, but did manage a few movements of the Trout (the quintessential double bass chamber piece) and most of Dvorak Serenade in E major with several recognisable sections. Somewhat like the Smiths jazz jam session that clashed for time. Players of one field or another enjoying musical interactions. Challenging and fun.

Some members of Maruki Orchestra met for a playing afternoon.

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