15 August 2017

Sundae jam

Another drop in to the Sunday afternoon jam session at Smiths. Again with house band Josh Buckler, Hugh Barrett, Anthony Irving and Andrew Howard. Today's visitors included singers Erissa and Claire, a guitarist (sorry, forgotten your name), Tom on guitar, Geoff on drums and two bassists, Phil Dick and me. Given recent visits by Brendan Clarke and Ben O'Loghlin, there seem to be a session, a six-string, a collective of bassists around. This was great fun. I got two tunes in, with bassist Anthony doing a quite decent job on piano. Sunday afternoons suit me: it's a quiet time. Just one of two regular jazz jams in town. The other is Wayne, Ben and Mark at Old Canberra Inn on Wednesday nights. Both are capable and welcoming. Get to one or both when you can, to play or just listen.

The Smiths Jazz Jam house band was Hugh Barrett (piano), Andrew Howard (drums), Anthony John Irving (bass) and Josh Buckler (tenor). Sit-ins included Erissa and Claire (vocals), Tom Sherringham (guitar), Geoff (drums), Phil Dick and Eric Pozza (basses). (Names updated, thanks for the comment / Eric)


Anonymous said...

That would be Tom Sherringham on guitar and Andrew Howard on drums :)

Eric Pozza said...

Thanks for that. Blog updated.