01 December 2017

Surviving a future #1

Here's one glimpse of the future. I went for a ride on a fully automated (presumably electric) vehicle. It was on display for the weekend in Garema Place, provided by Trandev. It just went from one end to the other, starting and stopping as required. Stopping for impediments (it moved around a foot that was leant out in front); very slow (I walked faster than it travelled); still with a safety override person on board (but he just chatted on our run). Airconditioned, apparently safe, very relaxed and even sociable. I long for the time that I needn't drive and one car can be easily shared, so it can go find a park or deliver something when it's forgotten, or serve two masters. Or pickup the kids from school (not that I need that now). Megan would be happy to be rid of my driving; me too. It's closer than we think although not quite next year. Bring it on.

Transdev provided an automated vehicle in Garema Place to display the technology.

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