30 November 2017

A community that jams together...

It seems the local jamming community is gathering. Partly it's down to the committed jazzers - many of whom once satisfied their desires through the School of Music - seeking other outlets, so it's a function of deinstitutionalisation. This deinstitutionalisation is nothing to be lauded - it's actually a great loss to the community - but it has a corollary of a more informal community development. I've been impressed by the opening of jazz jam sessions around Canberra over recent years. Firstly, for a few months at Smiths (after the move from the Loft) then at Old Canberra Inn, then a rekindling at Smiths, now Wig & Pen is being spoken of as another jam session. Jams are a mainstay of the blues community, too, and they have been doing it around Canberra in various locations for yonks. It's interesting sociologically, I guess, but also musically. Get along to whatever time and place suits. They are all free and good beer and cheer on tap.

Canberra jazz jam sessions are at Old Canberra Inn (Wayne Kelly, 6.30-9.30pm Wednesday), Smiths (Hugh Barrett, 2-4pm Sundays) and starting up at Wig & Pen (John Mackey and Leisa Keen, 2-5pm Saturdays).

  • Thanks to Wikicommons for the image, Charles Demuth, Jazz Singer (1916)
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