27 June 2016

Secula, secula, seculam

Again, that great name, Adhoc Baroque. Perfect. There was lots on that afternoon but I ended up following the name, not least for the offer of lovely early music. This was a concert of secular cantatas, Italian, written for the pleasure of a knowledgeable, and probably indulgent, crowd outside the confines of the biggest benefactor of the day, the Church. The title, Capricious love, tells it all and also tells of the different interests of the original audiences. Three pieces by Handel; one each by Vivaldi and Scarlatti. The title of one also makes obvious the theme, Tu fedel? Tu costante?, and the two names in another title, Lidio e Clori, recounts a dispute that was delightfully presented with some convincing dramatic flourish. Amusing. Stately music, beautifully played, handsomely sung. Greta and Maartje as two women (was Maartje crossing as a man Lidio e Clori?); Peter leading from a period electronic keyboard; and strings, Lauren and Michelle, Ross and Rachel on viola da gamba for the authenticity. Lovely music that just bounced at times, Rachel's very capable viol basslines and the beautiful soprano/mezzo voices above. Great way to spend some time inside because, baby it was cold out.

Adhoc Baroque were Greta Claringbould (soprano), Maartje Sevenster (mezzo-soprano), Peter Young (director, harpsichord continuo), Lauren Davis and Michelle Higgs (violins), Ross Mitchell (viola) and Rachel Walker (viola da gamba).

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