21 February 2018

Canberra is south for Sydney

Sunday, first blues jam of the year I don't get to too many, but I enjoy the simple immediacy and the great gear these guys inevitably provide. My bass sounds so nice. My fave was Mesa-Boogie with 6x12 (?) Today it was a quad box with a digital head. Strong and fat; great gear. The host band was excellent, too. The Pat Powell band, with Pat Powell singing, our local stalwart Mitch Preston and Sydneysiders Rowan Lane and Illya Szwec. Some great vocals, heavily thumbed bass (Rowan plays reggae, too) and some very slick guitar from Illya. I was seriously impressed by some wah guitar later, but generally this was very sweet., Otherwise, a string of blues jam bands, not least the one I played in. Perhaps the feature was the reformation for the day of Whistler's Father (now Grandfather) playing Hendrix. How can any blues fan not swoon? Lots of fun if perhaps too loud for my tender ears. Here are pics of all the bands other than mine. I was too busy for obvious reasons.

The Canberra Blues Society hosts a jam on the 3rd Sunday of each month, Harmonie German Club, 2-5.30pm. Today's host band was Pat Powell (vocals) with Illya Szwec (guitar), Rowan Lane (bass) and Mitch Preston (drums).

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