07 December 2020


I finally got to our historical Rose Cottage Inn after having driven by it a million times.  The weather was good and I got 5 (?) FB invitations from Keith.  Good on him; it's not something I have the heart to do but his invites worked with me.  It's a lovely down-to-earth family hangout on a Sunday arvo.  It felt good.  And listening to a range of covers is also a pleasure.  If I had a better memory, I'd have another go at covers, but you need to know so many.  7 Shots play 15 per set for several hours.  I recognised many tunes, not all.  From Burning love and Day tripper and Chisel's wonderful Flame trees through Animals/Angels and Pretenders and Creedence and several insistent, chatty, heart-felt Paul Kelly tunes, and some rockabilly and that unavoidable Moondance (never liked that one!) and Crazy thing called love and for something more modern, Tones and I Dance monkey.  Catchy; great fun with a beer in a garden on a sunny arvo and lots of kids to assist the band with entertainment.  With Covid in check.  Some convincing singing, occasional harmonies, even 3 part at times, steady time and insistent presence.  And I could chat classical with drummer Libby who played orchestral percussion sometime in the past.  Nice all round.  A beer, a bar, a band; what could be better?  I'm still grooving to Tones and I...

7 Shots played at Rose Cottage Inn.  The band comprises Keli Robinson (vocals), Bill Dunn (lead guitar), Rod McIntyre (rhythm guitar), Keith Joliffe (bass) and Libby Hampton (drums).

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