08 October 2010

More guitar, great

More guitar from Mike, and very much enjoyed. Megan and I caught up with Mike Price playing with the old trio that we knew so well from seven or more years of playing at the Kurrajong: the trio with Eric Ajaye and Col Hoorweg. It’s a lovely outfit playing the standards. Mike does it so well: smooth, detailed, richly improvised, busy but relaxed, accompanied by numerous lyrical solos from Eric and regular swapped fours with Col. It all sounds very staid - playing the standards, guitar trio and the like - but this has depth of knowledge and richness and chordal bravura. Such a lovely outing. These tunes are standards because they are memorable and they are great to improvise against. That’s the reason for the standards, and this is a band that confirms it. I thought I recognised Just friends, and I definitely heard Crazy after all those years and a few blues in various styles and All of me. It sounds obvious and not particularly inspiring, but when played at this level, it’s anything but. I’m late to visit the National Press Club for their Friday sessions, but don’t miss it. Four different bands made up from the ANU jazz faculty, rotating through the month. It’s a chatty and busy environment on a Friday evening, salubrious but with a gritty edge, and despite that, it’s a place of considerable musical satisfaction. Get there. Great stuff. Mike Price (guitar) played with Eric Ajaye (bass) and Col Hoorweg (drums).

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