08 December 2015


The Fifth had its difficulties but it was nothing like the Third. Maruki played its final concert for the year and the main work was Beethoven Symphony no.3 Eroica, the one dedicated to Napoleon then renounced. It's a mammoth work, revolutionary in its time and full of plenty of fast and tricky passages all round, not least for the basses. Little rest here. And some neat diminisheds runs. It's great to be able to claim a performance but I would need to work on it for some time to satisfy myself that it was mastered. All part of the thrill and spills. We were three basses for this performance, Jennifer and me joined by eminently capable CYO player Matthew a few weeks before the performance. Maruki grows for a performance, presumably from CYO or other ringins, perhaps to provide an instrument we don't have (eg, harp) or to fill out a section. Maruki was 59 players for this performance. And what a program to join into; not for the feint hearted. Beethoven 3 plus an unrelenting Bach Orchestral suite no.3, a lively and humourous Brahms Academic Festival overture (interestingly also on the recent program for Brindabella) and the race-horse tempo Glinka Ruslan and Ludmilla overture. A hefty workout on the day and a demanding learning schedule over recent months. Maruki played better than in any practice - it's the way with the commitment of performance, of course - although can still improve. We are not professionals, after all, despite the program, but it's an exhilarating and music-educational experience. Much enjoyed and thanks to John and all.

Maruki Community Orchestra performed Beethoven 3, Bach, Glinka and Brahms at the Albert Hall under John Gould (conductor). The bass section comprised Jennifer Groom, Matthew Gambrill and Eric Pozza.

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