03 March 2017


Too dark for a pic with a mobile phone but this joint was jumping. It's Molly's, a discrete basement whisky bar. Discrete enough that it has no sign, just a weak old-styled light above a wooden door, opening onto a staircase. Well, not so discrete that it has no Facebook or website, but nonetheless, discrete. Molly's has jazz every Tuesday night, 7-10pm. I went to check out AFATM, the long standing and renowned local band, As Famous As The Moon, Dirk, Graham and Lachlan, with an American big band mate of Dirk's sitting in on trom. I only caught a little, but this was long solos and firm swing and glorious standards. And a busy bar and milling people. It's an oddly noisy little downstairs hole. Check it out.

As Famous As The Moon are Dirk Zeylmans (tenor), Graham Monger (guitar) and Lachlan Coventry (guitar, bass). They played at Molly's.

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