05 March 2017


Muse is a civilised place: food, wine, books. A decent grand piano in the corner, a sophisticated staff and compliant atmosphere. I sat in again with Richard, and this time with James. So good to play standards all night for a restaurant scene. Lively but also settled. I play here with no amplification, but it carries, and bows for louder solos. Also, nice to play a drummerless format for a change, with the demands on your own time but also openness it allows. Not that I don't love drums. Just different, horses for courses, ask Dirk. And interesting beers and decent wines. The world is a great place for a while as its health is forgotten, temporarily. Thanks to all.

Richard Manderson (sax), James Woodman (piano) and Eric Pozza (bass) played Muse restaurant.

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