12 March 2017


Madness, perhaps, but for a long time I've wanted to play with Musica da Camera and Juliet needed a year off, and well, so it goes. Too busy but too good an opportunity to turn down. We are currently preparing for two concerts, one baroque, another of favourites, but even so we wouldn't normally be in concert black at rehearsal. This was also a photoshoot. So, portraits and groups shots and candid shots while playing. I have yet to see any pics. We joke that they will be ACO-like, all po-mo new-millenium cool. Perhaps not, but it was fun nonetheless. And it's a great little string orchestra (~20 players) with a challenging repertoire and a long history (formed 1979) and invited conductors for the educational value. The baroque concert will be under Bianca Porcheddu of Australian Baroque Orchestra. The Favourites concert (Elgar, Bach, Dvorak, Mozart, etc) is an added concert with members as conductors. This is also a touring outfit, usually playing its concerts in Canberra and a local country town over one weekend. What pleasure to play with MdC. All too little known but a local gem. The Canberra Baroque concert is 3pm 6 May, Holy Covenant Church, Cook.

Musica da Camera is a string orchestra in Canberra.

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