25 November 2017

Night shopping

Tilt was playing for a local department store for its annual card holders' sale and it was quieter than previous years, but the music and the caterers were there and it was open to the public (if some sale prices were limited to card holders) and we had competition. Brioso String Ensemble was there in a trio format playing at the bottom of the escalator opposite us. The violins were surprisingly loud, so we heard them often enough in quiet passages, but mostly it caused no problems. I wonder if my change to e-bass guitar for a funkier (read, louder) final set interfered with their Haydn and Mozart. Hope not. Perhaps it did. But nice to meet our sisters in music. Brioso comprises members of the CSO, so able and experienced, although I didn't catch individual names. Nice to meet you all.

Brioso string ensemble performed as a trio with leader Claire Phillips (violin). Tilt Trio comprises James Woodman (piano), Eric Pozza (bass) and Dave McDade (drums).

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