03 June 2013

One back for Wagner

Gossips played a gig yesterday for the C100 celebrations. I don’t list every gig, but I do when we have someone new sitting in. Brenton’s in NYC or thereabouts, so we played with Steve Richards on drums and that went well. He’s got some time at Sydney Con as well as musicals under his belt. I’d written about one of his musicals here – West Side Story at the Q. His wife was there, too, in the West Side Story pit and at the gig today. She’s Carly Brown, a horn player with the CSO, so we had a knowing audience. It was Carly and 3 horn-playing mates who were blasting Megan and me in the wings the other day at the Wagner rehearsal at Llewellyn. She had it coming to her! Nice gig, though.

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