28 June 2013

FATs 2013

You just enjoy some gigs and I enjoyed this one. A depleted Jazz Republic appeared as a piano trio supporting Ruth O’Brien at the CIT FAT awards. It’s a nice open format although more work for everyone. Ruth is one of the advanced students in the CIT Music program. We performed various standards but also a few originals by Ruth including Stupid fool, a nicely funky piece that was sat well amongst the walks and dotted latin rhythms. I enjoyed the outing for several reasons. I had a nice amp supplied by CIT – loud and punchy, Hartke and Ashdown - and it was all setup for me. How nice is that? Mike had Nord and Roland, Brenton had Gretsch and the PA was big. So the gear was interesting and entertaining. We sat in a corner of a large hall with trainee stage managers and mixers, playing easy backing for arrival and interval for a decent crowd. The FATs are the 14th annual CIT Film & Television Awards. We saw a range of video and films, original concepts or C100 reports or music clips. Some were early attempts, but others were mature students and quite professional products. Just a pleasant, indulgent performance and for a decent crowd. Thanks Ruth.

Ruth O'Brien (vocals) performed with the Jazz Republic  at CIT Woden.  JR3 were Mike Dooley (piano), Eric Pozza (bass) and Brenton Holmes (drums).

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