09 July 2013

Zarlardinge jazz 2

Pics and text by Neal Gowan, CJ’s foreign correspondent in Belgium

1. The stage
2. 15th century mirror balls
3. Big Band '86
4. Jos Machtel, BJO contrabassist
5. Big Band 86 trumpeter
6. Bert Joris trumpet, flugelhorn
7. Dieter Limbourg, BJO sax, flute, clarinet, and Jos Machtel, BJO contrabassist
8. Marc Godfroid, BJO trombonist, Big Band 86 leader
9. Frank Vaganee, BJO Conductor, alto & soprano saxophone, flute with Bert Joris
10. Frank Vaganee
11. Bert Joris
12. BJO trumpeters from left, Serge Plume, Nico Schepers, Jeroen van Malderen along with a Conservatory student
13. And a Mac to rule them all :)

cheers, Neal

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