07 July 2014

Cocktail time

Ah, the luxury of cocktails with a siren song. Megan and I went out for pre-pizza drinks at Manuka and it was upstairs at Polit Bar and Ms Adie was singing. Ms Adie is Adrienne Steward. She's doled up in slinky black with glitter, sips from champagne, bottle in cooler beside her. Solo singing with the full karaoke band courtesy of tablet. Sung through house EVs. The sound was heavy on bass, at least where we were sitting, and the vocal was cabaret style, cutting, clear, female. We recognised most songs, but it was nice that there were some we didn't. Hallelujah, Natural woman, It had to be you, Stormy weather, Don't get around much anymore, Somewhere over the rainbow, something a bit rockier with I just wanna make love to you. She had that sultry feel, as she should. Inviting, seductive, again as she should be. I enjoyed the crowd too: the tarot reader; the table where the two guys kissed and shook hands with the girl. An old take on a new world, I guess.

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