11 September 2019

End of the array

The completion of my array of Cologne concerts was the Gurzenich Orchestra playing in the Kölner Philharmonie under Francois-Xavier Roth. Just a free lunchtime run through snippets of Berlioz Symphonie fantastique. It's claimed to be an open rehearsal but was more a tester for the audience, numbering about 1,800 and filling most of the 2,000 seats. The hall is nice. Round with the stage reaching into the audience. Nicely intimate for 2,000 attendees. And the orchestra sounded great. Eight basses, all 5 strings with German bows. I was sitting at stage level just behind the final desk of the 1st violins so I could see and hear and it was nicely done. Short, just snippets with chatter and finished after 30mins, but a nice cheap interlude while waiting for the train out. One amusing thing to note is that the theatre is under a walkable plaza that they have to close off when the hall is in use. Great design with a significant flaw.

The Gurzenich Orchestra performed a lunchtime teaser concert at the Kölner Pilharmonie under Francois-Xavier Roth (conductor).

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