15 September 2019

Patrimony 3 and more

The final piece that we experienced from the Patrimoine festival came with a visit to a small town, Dinant, on the river Meuse. The sister of our host is a curator at the local historical museum, the Maison du Patrimoine Medieval Mosan, set in an old lofty castle-like stone building. We visited various local churches and trawled the exhibition. But perhaps first up was the surprise to find tenor sax statues throughout the town: this is the birthplace of Adolphe Sax. We visited a meagre display but the pride (and the marketing value) was evident. Then off to a piano concert with touring minstrel Vincent Rouard. This was original music, largely chordal and arpeggiated and fairly easy to hear. But notably he travels, seriously. By that, I mean he travels with a Kawai grand piano (~6’) in a trailer with his Bose PA and stock of CDs for sale. Good on him! I can only admire his application. Support him if you can, but if not, listen on Spotify.

Vincent Rouard (piano, vocals) performed in Dinant, the birthplace of Adolphe Sax.

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