03 September 2019

No music

This was my day with no music. I'd allocated it to the local art gallery, the Städel. It's not overwhelmingly huge but it boasts some impressive feature works and otherwise a history of European art from C13th. I especially remembered a Botticelli from a previous visit, forgetting there were two, but van Eyck's Lucca Madonna was a favourite this time and I revelled in a string of mediaeval works then through Perugino and Raphael and Bronzino and the like and right up to the modern period ending here at 1945. This is the town of Goethe and I was pleased to see the famed Tischbein portrait of Goethe reclining in the Roman campagna. I'd forgotten it was here. Lots more too. The Rembrandt wing is undergoing restoration so I missed that, as was contemporary art, but this was more than enough for one day. A huge pleasure.

The Städel gallery is in Frankfurt.

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