13 September 2019


It was the Patrimoine en Wallonie festival and we were in Brussels. Amongst the beer festivals and museum tours and chocolates were a string of concerts and we managed a few. First up was a female contemporary dancer accompanied by a string orchestra from the Belgian National Orchestra and piano. The program was entitled Roaring Twenties revisited, but it seemed misleading to my senses. The played Poulenc Audades, which was written to be choreographed. Dancer Charlotte performed up and down a fashion parade runway. Interestingly, the Belgian National Orchestra rehearsed upstairs in this building, although it looked more like a shopping arcade to me. Cheers to Robertino Mihai and Miguel Meulders who did a nice job with big tone on the two basses. Then the performance of Elvis Costello’s Juliet Letters was packed and Le Monnaie Choir performing Gothic Schubert was full.

The Ensemble of the Belgian National Orchestra performed with Frank Peters (piano) and Charlotte Vanden Eynde (choreography). Robertino Mihai and Miguel Meulders (bass) provided the bottom end.

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