29 September 2019

Famed streets

It’s strange, but one of the most odd things about being in Paris is how many street names seem familiar. Not sure why, and not sure they do to all, but they do to me. Obviously, these are street names in the centre, First Arrondisement, tourist central, but still surprising. Rue des Lombards is probably not so well known by tourists, but I returned there. It’s a jazz street. I’d been to Baiser Salé before but it was closed this night. Instead, I got to Sunside, the next-door ground floor venue of the Sunset / Sunside pairing. It was a log jam to enter, but then through to a seated area with a piano trio playing in support of a string of jazz vocalists for a vocal standards jam and to finish, the host joined her band to sing a final set. The band was sharp and interesting. There were a few sit-in pianists and one, Julia, was especially satisfying. I enjoyed the rounded toned bass played very nicely and some very nifty and inventive playing from piano. The singing was all standards at least for the jam session. The singers I caught were all women except one male. They varied and age and skill. I sat next to Florence Balouka and she did a nice latin take on Night and day. Perhaps my favourite was a young black girl (I missed most names) singing and scatting East of the sun with youthful verve and joyful chops. Then host Cecil L Recchia ended with easy, confident presence with her band of Pablo, Viktor and David. Nice.

Cecil L Recchia (vocals) with trio Pablo Campos (piano), Viktor Nyberg (bass) and David Grebil (drums) supported a vocal jam session at the Sunside jazz club in Paris. Florence Balouka was one jammer.

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