15 April 2016

Befores and afters

Just a note and some pics. Vista Needle were in town and performing at the School of Music. First up were a few workshops, at ANU but also a drum workshop at Groove Warehouse. I got to the first band workshop, at ANU, with hosts Steve Barry and Tom Botting. Two bands passed through the gaze for masterclass comment. "You guys can play" was the first comment then into discussion of energy and communication and dynamics, and count-offs as setting the scene, solo structure (where's the peak of the melody), approaches to improv (as an exercise, state a melodic cell and manipulate and develop), solo accompaniment (esp. behind those hoary bass solos), laying out (ask yourself, "is what I'm doing helping?"), approaches to bossa and use of various approaches (pedal point was mentioned).

Then, after the gig that night, I caught a snippet of a rehearsal for Mendelssohn Elijah by Llewellyn Choir, soloists and players on the stage in Llewellyn. Looking forward to the real thing on Saturday.

Steve Barry and Tom Botting gave a workshop at ANU and Llewellyn Choir rehearsed Mendelssohn Elijah.

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