29 June 2022


Big days out don't end too soon.  The dessert for this day was to sit in with Forrest National Chamber Orchestra at St Paul's, Manuka.  It's a favourite venue with favourite company.  I got the invitation a few weeks before and only managed two rehearsals on the two days before the gig.  Amusingly, I responded to the invitation mentioning our NCO gig on the same day, but Gill had the answer: a concert at 6pm after one a 3pm.  Possible if not too relaxed!  Same for the Friday rehearsals, wedged together.   But I read and listened to the works and hoped for the best.  One main work was a Handel organ concerto.  Amusingly or otherwise, at the Thursday rehearsal we learnt of the organist getting Covid and two replacement pieces, Sibelius and Bach.  Brandenburg 3 no less, well known and scalar but quick.  That with a hand-written baroque chart form Vivaldi that got a replacement on the night.  All pretty topsy turvy but I was pleased by my playing and that of the group, especially the cellos who I work with as the sole bass.  So, the dessert at the end of a big day worked well and I was ready for a beer when I got home that night.  A memorable day!

Gillian Bailey-Graham (conductor) directed Forrest National Chamber Orchestra playing Sibelius, Vivaldi, Sarasate, Bach and Borodin at St Paul's, Manuka.  The pic is FNCO in rehearsal, of course.

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