17 June 2022


Day 2 of OWJF2022 and I decide to spread my listening, some singers, the older jazz traditions, perhaps some blues or roots, a pub venue rather than another concert-hall church.  And good for a bit of exercise walking between venues and braving the cold.   Colder than Canberra by a few degrees and the dress of the locals shows it.

First up is Kate Wadey Trio at the Con.  Someone had spoken well of her the day before.  Kate with bass and piano.  I  caught a few songs.  First up was East of the sun, west of the moon, a favourite song, so I was on side.  Decent piano and bass solos; bassist Sam likes soloing with the bow.  Then a few originals.  I notice I'm genuinely impressed with a composition: an authentic, satisfying chord structure that moves nicely through keys or major/minors; AABA with harmonic changes in both As and Bs; med-slow walk.  So this is a jazz singer and capable writer, nicely presented in satin dress in the morning, has worked on cruise ships.  Lovely standards and originals in the tradition.  And I'm a sucker for a good song.  Much enjoyed.

Then some diverse things for my ears.  First up Queen Porter Stomp.  Three women up front, three part harmonies and ukelele, trumpet and trombone, three guys in the back line with guitar, bass, drums.  Some nice players I recognise from other outfits, not least Crystal Barreco upfront.  Was she out of Canberra?  I've definitely seen her play here with locals.  Plenty of cut-times, jump music, lovely harmonies, a decent guitar solo thrown in.  Very nice and entertaining.  Light and polished at the Cadia Club.  I am discovering more venues.

And a folkoric twist, singer-songwriter Darren Smith.  I came in late and just heard one song, telling of the #MeToo movement to his young daughter.  Honest and open, strumming and singing.

Kate Wadey, Darren Smith and Queen Porter Stomp played at the inaugural Orange Winter Jazz Festival. Kate Wadey (vocals) performed with Andrew Scott (piano) and  Samuel Dobson (bass).  Queen Porter Stomp comprised Crystal Barreca (vocals, ukulele), Louise Horwood (trumpet, vocals), Rose Foster (trombone, vocals), Aaron Flower (guitar), Alex Masso (drums) and Matt Lamb (bass).  Darren Smith (vocals, guitar) played at the Lord Anson.

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