23 June 2022

French olives

My last Wesley concert was before the OWJF and it was a beauty, not least for the unusual combination: violin, oboe, harp.  That clear, plucky, nylon sound of harp with the sustained sound of violin and that serpentine oboe tone.  Really delightful, but a buggar to source music.  The group is the Olive Trio and they are locals, all playing in Canberra Symphony and frequent performers are Wesley and otherwise.  They had a piece written by our local Sally Greenaway and arranged for them by Sally.  Also Debussy and Gaubert, mostly arranged for this format.  The French music suited the group well.  And an fellow student of violinist Lucy had written a piece specifically for them when he heard of the combination.  I could easily understand that; that was a world premiere.  Suffice to say they are all competent players so this was a slightly unusual but very much welcomed concert.  Lovely stuff.

The Olive Trio performed at Wesley Music Centre.  Olive Trio comprises Rowan Phemister (harp), Zoë Loxley Slump (oboe ) and Lucy Macourt (violin).

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