24 June 2022

Finally Lizzy

Lizzy Collier is a really nice local bassist and music teacher and she was to direct Musica da Camera last year but came down with an injury and her concert and program was covered.  Finally, we got to play with her, just last Saturday, more than 6-months late.  The main work on the program with Suk Serenade, a work of 30 mins and four movements and some demanding passages, quiet and evocative and just seat of pants stuff.  We got through it, if not at release level.  The other works were quite meditative, FS Kelly with a WW1 elegy, Finzi with a romance, Schoenberg with a Notturno from early in his career and a more bouncy take on Greensleeves by Vaughan Williams.  We were joined by harp for a few tunes.   I love this fascinating process of discovering directors / conductors, learning their personalities and preferences and modes of musical and other communication.  Lizzy was wonderfully direct and clear, not always a feature of a conductor.  So, a touching and well led outing from Lizzy with MdCC.

Musica da Camera Canberra performed Suk, FS Kelly, Finzi, Schoenberg and Vaughan Williams under Lizzy Collier (director) with guest Elizabeth Alford (harp).

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