11 October 2013

Next gen

Yes, there is a next generation of jazz students in Canberra. I despaired last year with the changes at the School and even talked of the death of music in Canberra. Music’s not out of the woods yet, but I can only hope I’m wrong. I think this is the first band Room concert I’ve attended this year. It’s good to see them return. The band was Winter Wednesday and they were playing for a lunchtime concert. I recognised one face and hints of others, so this is a new generation and they performed good solid student material - Sonny Rollins (Pent up house) and Wayne Shorter (Speak no evil) - but also a string of originals, mostly from Edward but also from Cindi and Kat. It was solidly played and decently improvised. Some tunes had considerable arrangements. I particularly enjoyed Joshua’s nice hand shape and pizz on bass. I picked up for a drum solo. The heads were nicely harmonised. There was an open feel against solos and a readiness to relax and sit out. All good. It’s a year since all the changes at the Music school and it’s surviving. I admire the hard work and commitment of the staff. But now for the next gen. Winter Wednesday are Kat Alchin (alto), Edward Plowman (tenor), Cindy Sithi-Amnuai (piano), Joshua Waterhouse (bass), John Harding-Clark (drums).

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