25 November 2014

Right on the night

She'll be right on the night. It's so often the case that I've come to accept it. Despite a horrid practice the week before, we done reasonably good. Not perfect, of course. As our MC said, we are a Choral Study group, so expect students. The audience of family and friends expected that and that's what they got. Some pieces worked well; some of the longer pieces got bogged down as we followed complex counterpoint or confusing canon. I'm new, so the feel of a baroque bar still tricks me (the 1s aren't where I expect them), and finding the starting note and harmony, and also the bigger intervals remains problematic. But students learn, and I drool over the clear harmonies when they sit neatly and the complex interplay of parts and the baroque canon writing and the beauty of Mendelssohn and the modern romantic voice (no bar lines) of Eric Whitacre. (What wife could resist This marriage as a wedding gift? Have a listen to Ingenium Ensemble singing it on YouTube). Congratulations to the choir, and thanks to our guides in all this, conductors Sheila Thompson and Oliver Raymond and wonderful accompaniment from pianist Jenny Kain. We're on leave for a few months then there's tons to learn in the NY.

Harmonia Monday choir performed Palestrina, Byrd, Charpentier, Handel, Mendelssohn, Stanford, Clausen, Whitacre and Durante attrib. Pergolesi at All Saints under Sheila Thompson (conductor) and Oliver Raymond (conductor) with accompaniment by Jenny Kain (piano).

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