05 October 2016

Found pleasures

Heidelberg was just a day trip from Frankfurt, but it was raining so not the lazy public holiday we expected. A bus took us to the centre for a walk along Hauptstrasse (High Street) to the grand Heilggeistkirche (Church of the Holy Spirit) and this was opportune. We walked in on the final concert of a visiting choir, Brigidachor, the church choir of the Gemeinde Schmerzhafte Mutter of Berzdorf, near Koln. The concert was informal, with visitors milling around, but wonderful in this richly sonorant environment. Ten singers and a leader, SATB or thereabouts, with a range of choral works in their repertoire, from Tallis and Palestrina to Richard Rodney Bennett. Their voices rang sat well with lots of depth in this place but also with definition. The male lines were clear and strong; the soprano soared. Beautifully sung.

Brigidachor sang in the Heiliggeistkirche in Heidelberg.

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