24 October 2016

2 from 3

That’s three free lunchtime concerts at the Berlin Philharmonie and twice we’ve run into friends. It’s like that at tourist haunts. Celeste and Bill had just arrived in Berlin and this was about their first outing. It was good. Three bassoons (!) playing JS Bach: Prelude and fugue Emaj, Organ sonata Eb maj and Organ sonata Cmin. All arranged by Mor Biron, one of the three bassoons. Not such a log concert; just ~30 mins. But what an amount of work to prepare for this concert, meaning, to make the arrangements. You can only love Bach’s interlacing lines, his counterpoint and parallel but displaced fugue lines. And how nice to hear Bach on three bassoons; the thicker, heavier bass notes; the sonorous and sometimes tense higher registers.

Mathis K Stier, Marceau Lefèvre and Mor Biron (bassoons) performed JS Bach for a free lunchtime concert in the foyer at the Berlin Philharmonie. Our friends were Celeste and Bill Barker of Brindabella Orchestra and Leigh Barker fame.

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