08 October 2016

Hanau jam

We were in Hanau and the last place I’d expect to chase up a jazz club, but friends took pity and we ended up at the local Jazzkeller. This night was a blues jam session, so I took my chance. I enjoyed it immensely, of course. The sign language to get to play remains pretty easy, although it turns out totally unnecessary – I had a long chat in English with bassist Naris Sebastian Stolz afterwards. Sebastian is professional. He’s had a varied career, playing in a comic opera orchestra for three years, as well as jazz and blues and commercial gigs and teaching. As in Australia, jazz is a waning art amongst youth, other than some hipster types who like the lounge atmosphere, and work is mainly pop/rock and commercial. I played his Framus 1954 bass with Genssler strings ($ but renowned). Nice. It seems Genssler (ex-Velvet developer and now independent) and Pirastro are based around this area. Good vibes, rollicking blues and great fun to be the unexpected Aussie bassist at a jam session in local Hanau.

Naris Sebastian Stolz (bass) played at the blues jam session at Jazzkeller Hanau.

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