22 March 2009

In awe

I dropped in at Minque Manuka to record Luke Sweeting’s trio, with Ed and Bill. What can I say other than I was in awe. This was a beautiful, lyrical outing with clear vision and close interaction. Luke voices with the sounds of the sixties - it’s a sound I love to hear - and his solos are clear in intent and inventive. I just sank into the intimacy of the piano trio and enjoyed it all immensely. We all know that Bill and Ed work together so well. This just extends to Luke in the trio format: an immediacy of communication that’s such a pleasure. Clear interpretations and dense but true interactions. They played some originals, but also standards like Recordame and even C-Jam blues. There was no audience to speak of, although tons of people walked by and stopped to look. Obviously they took note, but too few stopped for a beer. But there was real respect from the punters, and an awareness they were hearing something of profundity and class. Bill accompanied with considerable freedom, and laid down some very fast solos. He was more laid back later; he’s not simply enamoured with speed. Ed was mostly in accompaniment, with his classic intimate and savoured responses. Really, I know little to say about it, other than that I found it profound and hugely capable in a well-trained, 60s style. It’s an era I love and the performance was impressive. Luke’s Trio plays early at Jazz Uncovered. Be there early to catch them. Believe me, it’s worth it. BTW, I got a good recording too, if you ignore the sputtering Harleys putting on their show in Manuka.

Luke Sweeting (piano) played with Bill Williams (bass) and Ed Rodrigues (drums) at the Minque Bar in Manuka.

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