21 March 2010

Branford thereabouts

The support act for Branford Marsalis’ tour was Hobart pianist, Tom Vincent with Leigh Barker and Hugh Harvey. I’ve written this band up several times on CJ. They are an interesting trio with real historical jazz leanings, a readiness to play loose and improvise readily, and a great feel for an easy swing. Tom leads whole gigs with no charts and no set list, moving freely through medleys of standards and playing outrageously with the tunes, arbitrarily syncopating and reharmonising as the muse takes him. It’s a rare experience. Despite the location (Sydney Opera House, no less) and the environment (supporting Branford Marsalis), he presented a set with the same degree of reckless immediacy, although he seemed to have a clear Monk theme on this outing. It was brave (he could have taken a safer path) but it worked and he was well received. Well enough for the trio to be called out to play with Branford as part of the encore. Congrats to Tom, Canberra boy Leigh and Hugh.

I've indulged myself with some other pics of the local scene. One is of a small outfit (sax, congas, turntables) playing a bar in the concourse below the Opera House, and some other pics of Sydney.

The Tom Vincent Trio was support band for the Branford Marsalis Quartet tour. The trio comprised Tom Vincent (piano), Leigh Barker (bass) and Hugh Harvey (drums).

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for this Eric. I would love to have been there - to see Leigh and to to see Branford. Great pics!